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Artist Statement

"Round and round she goes, and where she stops nobody knows." These lyrics ring at least as far back as 1934 to begin Major Edward Bowes Amateur Hour during the "golden age of radio." These words also ring true to describe many of my finished works of art as well as the manor in which I create them. Whether working in stone, steel, wood, or clay I seek to create a continuous line with no beginning or end. These lines stretch from sleek and sensuous to purposely precarious, and when those lines are crossed, I feel completely accomplished. I dabble in form, function and whatever else I can find in between those lines. Stacked, strung, suspended, or set afloat, I send my work off to engage the viewer. I have no story to tell, no moral, no narrative. Beyond the calm, clean lines and slick, smooth surfaces, I hope to evoke, invite, engage, and perhaps seduce the viewer into having just a little bit of fun. My plan is to not to have a plan and to let one piece lead to another. As lackadaisical as this may sound, like some of my lines may seem, I stress over the big picture, and sweat over every last little detail. Because in the end, if it doesn't sing to me, its not worth doing.



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